Translation Service

グローバル展開 & ロジスティックス

Business Assist provides high-quality translation services with which you can satisfy, taking your business situation into consideration sincerely. Business Assist supports you to not only improve your business efficiency, but also achieve your business goal by our high-quality translation which is made with a great effort of prior confirmation of your detailed information.

【Translation of Contracts】
The translation of contracts is very important when you develop your business activities with overseas companies. Business Assist considers that the most important thing for the translation of contacts is that special terms used only for contracts, including difficult or delicate expression, should be translated precisely. We aim to make you succeed in your business by providing appropriate translation which avoids the disagreement of your staff. The translation is made by our professional translators and staff who know well about contracts.

【Translation of Instruction Manuals, Specifications and Standard Books】
Business Assist provides translation services for instruction manuals, specifications and standard books for end users. Because there are many terms used differently by companies and industries, we try to comprehend the culture of each company and make a vocabulary list in order to provide high-quality translation and develop a mutually trusted relationship with you.

Business Assist provides the following translation services, such as homepages, company guidance, catalogues, leaflets or restaurant menus. We will propose the optimal translation that goes well along with your purposes. We read your source texts thoroughly and try translating them into comprehensible sentences for you.

【Quality of Translation】
1. Normal Quality
Business Assist makes the translation documents faithful as possible to source texts and easy to read by customers.

2. High Quality(In the case contents can be seen by many people)
For company guidance, product introductions, IR documents, Web sites, etc, Business Assist organizes prior meetings and arrangements to confirm your culture and requesting contents and finish to scrupulous translation contents. The rate might be changed by contents, specialized fields and the quality of translation, while we guarantee to provide you with excellent services.

【Privacy Policy】
Since your company information is strictly confidential, our employees, contractors and agents are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to working for us and bound by a duty of confidentiality in carrying out their tasks.
Upon your request, we submit a “Confidential Information Handling Report” to you, or make a “Confidentiality Maintenance Contract.”

【Free Quote】
We give you a free quote promptly by estimating the number of letters and words, if you could send us your source texts which are recognized as a text file by MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL or MS-PowerPoint. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone for details. (When your printed matters and source data are not text files, it would take us a little longer to finish an estimation.)

【After-sale Services】
Business Assist provides an absolute after care services. We are pleased to modify our translation documents in accordance with your favorite expression. If you have any questions about the translation documents, please feel free to ask us.(We might have to charge an extra fee for the modification of translation documents after delivery depending on the contents of inquiry and request.)

【Delivery Date】
The delivery date shown in our homepage might be changed by languages, specialized fields, volumes, the quality of translation and etc. Business Assist organizes a team with several translators for large-volume source documents, such as manuals, and suggests the most appropriate delivery date. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone for details.